NAKEDBUN- Roti Bakso Vegan

IDR 16,000.00
NAKEDBUN- Roti Bakso Vegan 28 28

A personal childhood favourite but without the cruelty roti vegan bakso. A balance flavour of salty, sweet, UMAMI in one bite, for all you savoury bun lovers you do not want to miss this. And as always our wholewheat buns are plant based, no refined sugar, no preservatives and no artificial anything. Made fresh daily before delivery.Our Wholewheat Buns also uses wheat bran for added fibre, so you will stay fuller for longer and healthy gut system. Max PO is four days but delivery can happen earlier. Once ordered we will info delivery slot in chat.

Last 3 days in room temperature and 5 days in the fridge.

#no eggs
#no dairy
#no refined sugar
#no preservatives
#no emulsifiers
#no coloring
#no flavoring

all natural ingredients, 100% homemade.